Endorsements for Judge Rein

Circuit Court

  • Judge James Morrison
    Marinette County
    Chief Judge, 8th Judicial District
  • Judge Emily I. Lonergan 
    Outagamie County
  • Judge Mark J. McGinnis
    Outagamie County 
  • Judge Mitch Metropulos
    Outagamie County
  • Judge James T. Bayorgeon
    Outagamie County (Retired)
  • Judge Nancy Krueger
    Outagamie County retired
  • Judge Joseph Troy
    Outagamie County (Retired)
  • Judge Michael Gage
    Outagamie County (Retired)
  • Judge Marc Hammer 
    Brown County
  • Judge Beau Liegeois
    Brown County
  • Judge Thomas Walsh
    Brown County
  • Judge John P. Zakowski 
    Brown County
  • Judge Donald Zuidmulder 
    Brown County
  • Judge Michael T. Judge
    Oconto County
  • Judge Todd Ehlers 
    Door County
  • Judge Carey Reed
    Calumet County
  • Judge Lakeisha Haase
    Winnebago County
  • Judge Tricia Walker
    Fond du Lac County
  • Judge Jack L. Davila
    Milwaukee County
  • Judge Pedro Colón
    Milwaukee County
  • Judge Reyna Morales
    Milwaukee County
  • Judge Dan Diehn
    Jackson County
  • Judge Elizabeth Rohl
    Pierce County
  • Judge Faun Phillipson
    Green County
  • Judge Samantha Bastil
    Sheboygan County
  • Judge Nia Tremmell
    Dane County
  • Judge Raymond S. Huber
    Waupaca County
  • Judge Troy L. Nielsen,
    Waupaca County

Court of Appeals

  • Judge Greg Gill
  • Judge Lisa Stark

Elected Officials

  • Barb Bocik
    Clerk of Circuit Courts, Outagamie County
  • Lee Snodgrass
    Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Ron Tusler
    Wisconsin State Assembly


  • Scott C. Barr
  • Adam Bernander
  • Angela Boelter
  • Ana Burkham
  • Katherine M. Canadeo
  • Steven J. Cerasoli
  • Kristy A. Christensen
  • Heather Claringbole
  • Gregg Curry
  • Michael W. Curry
  • Bridget Erwin
  • Jason Farris
  • Jon L. Fisher
  • Kayla J. Giese
  • Patrick P. Gill
  • Gregory B. Gill, Sr.
  • Barry P. Gill, Sr.
  • Amber Gratz
  • Susan Holloway
  • Paula Hamer
  • Meghan Healy
  • Alan Hoff
  • Timothy Hogan
  • Edmund Jelinski
  • Heather Kavanaugh
  • Kelly Kelly
  • Rebecca L. Kent
  • Sarah J. Knutson
  • Kevin Lonergan
  • Robert Loomis
  • Amy Matuszak
  • Pamela McAvoy
  • Amy Menzel
  • Trista Moffat
  • Arthur Parry
  • James Pitz
  • Kaitlyn Quigley
  • Amy Risseeuw
  • Alicia C. Rodriguez
  • Andrew Rossmeissl
  • Katelyn Sandfort
  • Jolene Schneider
  • Amanda Skorr
  • Michelle Swardenski
  • Ann Weiss
  • Tiffany Woelfel
  • Reg P. Wydeven
  • Lora L. Zimmer


  • Staci Allen
  • Jan and Tabitha Becker
  • Marissa Behrens Downs
  • Aaron and Sarah Berken
  • Karmin Boedeker
  • Michelle and Mike Campbell
  • Jodi and Ross Carlson
  • Luis and Amanda Chavez
  • Gordon and Joy Cole
  • Jason and Jill Cooke
  • Jon and Roxanne Conlon
  • Cassie Curry
  • Dan Van Daalwyk
  • Dr. Paul and Kathy Duscher
  • Jennifer Fisher
  • Jessica Godina
  • Kevin and Courtney Gross
  • Ryan Hayes
  • Gretchen Holtman
  • Tiffany Holtz
  • Alexander Hunt
  • Ann Krieg
  • Tom and Diana Janssen
  • Nancy and Lee Jungen
  • Jeff Koehler
  • Susan Krahn
  • Eric and Lindsay Krull
  • Jim and Debbie Lang
  • Brian and Kathy Leonhardt
  • Gabe and Dana Mattingly
  • Dr. Josh and Kristin Modder
  • Jose Morales
  • Natasha Mordini
  • Matt and Kara Muchow
  • Tim and Valerie Nakashima
  • Jack J. Rein
  • Sam and Mackenzie Rein
  • Cassandra and Matt Roberts
  • Brad and Michelle Schampers
  • Scott and Tara Schelfhout
  • Joe and Kerry Scherer
  • G.P. Schmidtke
  • Lisa Sousek
  • Kristian and Megan Ulness
  • Chris and Pam Utpadel
  • Greg and Kristin Vander Heiden
  • Dave and Jolie VerVoort
  • Rob Worth
“As Dean of the Wisconsin Judical College, I had the opportunity to get to know Judge Rein. She impressed me with her grasp of the law and her ability to relate to others. Judge Rein brings a fresh and unique perspective to the bench. The citizens of Outagamie County and the State of Wisconsin are fortunate to be served by someone with such integrity and commitment. “

Judge Lisa K. Stark, Deputy Chief & Presiding Judge, Court of Appeals–District III

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