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Judge Yadira Rein was appointed by Governor Tony Evers to the Outagamie County Circuit Court Branch IV and is running for election in April 2022 for a full term.

Judge Rein is committed to maintaining the integrity of our judicial system by treating every individual with respect, each case with impartiality, and upholding the rule of law by imparting justice to all. Judge Rein believes that her role as judge is to be a good listener, to work hard, and to lead by example.

“In my experience, litigants are more willing to accept the outcome of a case when they feel that they have been heard.”

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“It is with great pleasure that I learned of Attorney Rein’s appointment to the position of Outagamie County Circuit Court Judge Branch IV. I am incredibly happy not only for Attorney Rein but also for the citizens of Outagamie County. Attorney Rein brings a wonderful understanding of the law and respect for its role in our society. She also brings with her a wealth of experience and perspective which is critical to ensuring the just and equitable application of the law.”

Judge Gregory Gill, Court of Appeals–District III

“Since taking the bench, Judge Yadira Rein has quickly earned a reputation as a thoughtful and capable jurist, who is always respectful of those who come before her.  Judge Rein’s journey to the Outagamie County bench is inspiring; she is here because she overcame obstacles through incredible grit and talent. Our community will be well served by her experiences and understanding.”

Joe Troy, Former Chief Judge

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